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Francesco works via Eswelt as a consultant for Royal A-ware

As a technical-functional AX consultant, Francesco Frentrop is making an impact every day at Royal A-Ware. ‘My job is to handle any problems that arise in the AX applications and to try to resolve them as fast as possible. I also work on setting up new projects and creating functional designs for customisations.’

The job

Francesco works via Eswelt as a consultant for Royal A-ware, a large-scale cheese producer. ‘The great thing about this company is that it is a large organisation with plenty of challenges to be solved in logistical production processes. My experience is mainly in production and logistics, so it’s a perfect match for me.

Francesco gives a specific example of his work as an AX consultant. ‘My job includes thinks like an automated robotic process that retrieves cheese from cold storage to fill production orders. One time, the system started showing unusual production orders, from 2019, for example. My job is to figure out why that’s happening and see how I can solve it on the back end.’ Francesco says the company works with electronic reporting. ‘That was really interesting to me. We use that for reports issued to the customers as well as to our logistics service providers. I’ve been working at Royal A-ware since December 2020. The best thing about my project so far is that there is a lot of customisation in our system and that brings a lot of extra challenges for someone in my position.’

Eswelt Technical functional AX consultant project at Royal A-Ware - the challenge
Eswelt Technical functional AX consultant project at Royal A-Ware - the job


Francesco has also worked via Eswelt in the past. ‘During my previous project, I didn’t have a lot of contact with Eswelt. That project was very straightforward for me and everything went exactly as planned.’

When he finished that project, Eswelt approached him about a new opportunity. ‘The consultants at Eswelt did everything they could to help me find a new project when I needed it. They took the lead in searching for jobs for me and following up. I had a few interviews that did not work out. After that, the consultant from Eswelt decided to join in person for my interview with Royal A-ware to see what I could do better. But it turned out to be a perfect match anyway, for me and for the company. I really appreciated the personal guidance I received from Eswelt.’

How we work

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