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You career is important to you. It’s all about achieving your goals and dreams. Let us help you! We can help find you the perfect job thanks to our extensive network within the field of ERP and CRM. Together, we’ll make sure your career continues to move forward.

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Take advantage of our network

With our vast network in the field of ERP and CRM, Eswelt helps you to find the job you’ve been looking for even faster. Take advantage of our extensive network. We always work to find the employer or client that matches you best, with the type of employment contract that you prefer. 

  • Looking for a temporary project?

    As a consulting professional, you know which skills you bring to the team and which projects suit you best. You have an eye for the details of a project. At the same time, the project length, hourly pay and type of employer are important factors for you. Eswelt takes all these aspects into account when searching for the best match. 

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  • Want to work as a consultant?

    Join the Eswelt team and work for our clients on a consulting basis. You’ll benefit from being part of the largest network in the field of ERP and CRM. You’ll gain valuable experience working for a wide range of clients on many different projects, while always enjoying the security of a permanent job and salary. 

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  • Looking for a permanent position?

    What are you looking for in a new job and employer? What matters most to you? We’ll support you every step of the way. From preparing you for your job interview, to giving you constructive feedback and helping you negotiate your salary. Plus, you’ll have access to our vast network of potential employers in the ERP and CRM field.

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Knowing a lot about a little

To become an insider in the fields of ERP and CRM, it takes extensive knowledge. That’s why our strategy at Eswelt is to focus our attention on this very specific area of expertise. Our staffing consultants know exactly what’s going on in the ERP and CRM job markets, and they can fill you in on all the latest developments.


  • ​‘The contact with Eswelt was very good. I was well prepared and new which questions to expect during the interview.’ ​
    Wim Wischmeijer

    Wim Wischmeijer

    Senior Application Manager

  • ​​‘I could tell that Eswelt was really advocating for me and not just passing my CV around.’
    Marc Noks

    Marc Noks

    Dynamics CRM developer

  • ​​‘It’s not easy to really position yourself as a freelancer. That’s where a consulting organisation like Eswelt really adds value.’
    Francesco Frentrop

    Francesco Frentrop

    Technical functional AX consultant

  • ​​‘A great exception in the often impersonal world of recruiters.’
    Rob Janssen

    Rob Janssen

    ERP consultant

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Join our network

Join us and become a part of the largest network in the field of ERP and CRM. It’s the first step towards finding your new job. We’ll support you every step of the way.