Our method

Our succesful method provides you with IT professionals on a project or permanent basis

Quality and our triple specialisation approach

It’s important for us to make sure that our staffing consultants understand the job market, your needs and the ambitions of our IT professionals. Eswelt is your specialised staffing partner that delivers on its promises, with focus, commitment and top-quality service. We refer to our unique way of working as our ‘triple specialisation approach’. Our parent company, Vibe Group is an IT staffing & consulting firm consisting of different companies that are dedicated to specific fields within the IT landscape. Eswelt specialises in the field of CRM and ERP.

  • Each of our staffing consultants is therefore an expert in this field.

  • Besides specialising in one field of the IT industry, each consultant also specialises in staffing through one specific type of employment (search & selection or consulting).

  • Lastly, each consultant focuses only on one region (for example, the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands).

This method ensures that we know the IT market inside and out, so we can offer the best solution for any staffing needs.

Our consultants are not only in constant contact with our IT professionals, they are always available to assist you whenever you need. They are experts in their specialisation areas and regions, and they are happy to offer their insights to you. They know the IT job market and the challenges that organisations like yours face, and they will work alongside you to find the IT professionals that match your organisation best.

If you’re looking for an IT professional to start right away, contact us today.

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